p>Welcome!  Today we begin a new mode of communication with our community of “house followers”  , past , present and future.  I”ll be writing on topics which involve the history of the Carroll family in Annapolis, and the Redemptorist period of the house as well as overall thoughts on colonial era history.  So you know, I”m Tim Leahy, a volunteer guide at the House, and enjoy learning more about these topics every day from expert and amateur historians (like myself) every day.  I”d be happy to answer any questions you have and to engage in discussion.  You can also reach us at if you want to have a private conversation. 

This is my first effort at blogging and it was prompted by a recent recommendation from the experts at our Annapolis Visitors Bureau, and it should be interesting and exciting to all.  So, look for future posts and I”ll respond promptly to you comments!


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