The Carrolls

Charles Carroll of Carrollton was the most famous of the many generations of Carroll who resided at the Carroll house.  He was the only child of parents, Charles Carroll of Annapolis (1702-1782) and Elizabeth Brooke (1709-1761).  He was the grandson of Charles Carroll, the Settler (1660-1720) who married Mary Darnall in 1693. They had four children who survived to adulthood.

Charles Carroll of Carrollton was one of four Marylanders to sign the Declaration of Independence and was the only Roman Catholic signer. He was the last survivor of all 56 signers dying in 1832 in his 96th year.   He married Mary (Molly) Darnall on June 5, 1768, producing 7 children before her death in 1782.  Only 3 lived to adulthood – Mary, Kitty and Charles, Jr. (known as Charles Carroll of Homewood).   The Carroll House passed on to daughter Mary Caton, and to the four Caton granddaughters, also referred to as the Caton sisters.

Charles Carroll of Carrollton and his family played a major role in the framing of the governance of Maryland and the emerging United States. To find out if you’re a Carroll family descendant, you may find further information at

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